With everything going on, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and listen to instrumental music. Suwon Yim‘s Hide and Seek follows her “But Beautiful” single and presents enjoyable jazz. The jazz genre isn’t one that I’m really familiar with but I do know that the core melodies are coming from Suwon’s piano supported by bass and drums.

suwon yim hide and seek

I think a lot of people consider jazz to be a big band style, slightly mixed with swing grooves, where Suwon’s is a three piece focusing on polyrhythms and conversations between each instrument. It sounds very contemporary partially due to the base piano tones aren’t put through any effects. The bass is generally clean and straightforward with the drums providing a solid foundation and direction across each track.

I like how the drums are using more than just a predefined rhythm and adding more accents to give Suwon’s piano something to play off of. As a mainly instrumental album, it’s really good at grabbing your attention. The song titles kind of give you some idea of the audio narrative, but at the same time, you kind of just listen to the songs in the background and get pulled back when something catches your ear.

“Dottori” is the first vocal track, mainly using sustained tones throughout the intro until the verses. The vocals are high in octave and accent rather than glide over the melodies. Vocals kind of sit above the instrumentals attempting to match the tones, but slightly lack the warmness of the track overall. The two other songs with vocals feature Josh Berkeley and Jay Moon and help highlight the songwriting talents overall. Seven songs might not be a lot, but Hide and Seek is able to show off a lot of different sides of Suwon’s talent.

Hide and Seek is an impressive release. It’s going to be able to bring jazz to a new audience and showcase the abilities of a talented artist. I can easily see this being an album that sits in playlists when you need to destress and just need something that gives you peace and calm.

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