2020 has been a shit show, but there have been a lot of solid releases this year. We’re opening the nominations for Reader’s 2020 Release of the Year.

Read the rules below on how this will work. If you participated last year, it’s pretty much the same except for some updates.


  1. Nominate two (2) releases from 2020 (full length, EP, or single) through the Google Form.
  2. Nominations run until December 1, 2020.
  3. The Top 10 nominations will be added to a new form where readers will vote for the top 3.
  4. No mainstream Korean pop or non-Korean releases. They aren’t relevant. Any incorrect nominations will be removed.
  5. You have to have an email to vote. We don’t use or provide emails to anyone, they are just to verify the nomination.

We highly expect KPOPALYPSE! to spam GFRIEND.

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