If you’re a fan of min.a or even Aseul, you’ll probably enjoy NECTA’s debut EP Slushed Hours. Her four tracks are largely electronic and tend to feature distorted sounds alongside more glittery pop elements, creating a complex and layered and, at times, unpredictable listening experience.

necta slushed hours

The first track, “Hourglass,” is highly repetitive, but it sets the tone pretty well for what NECTA does overall in her works. It gives you a good baseline for her typical sound and general vibe. There’s almost an eeriness to it, mostly because of the distortion she’s included, but the sheer amount of things going in the track are what I find most impressive. Every time I listen I can pick something new out from the mix. The song has an almost hypnotic quality which I personally find interesting, but which may bother some people who don’t enjoy repetitive songs.

I’m pretty sure that “In Your Trust” was recently used in a Burberry ad campaign, and being as short a track as it is (under two minutes), it seems well-suited for it. The song also allows her to show off her vocals a bit more. The delivery in “Hourglass” was intentionally a bit more low and monotone, but this second track immediately has more shifts in tone and pitch.

Although NECTA doesn’t do anything extreme with her vocals, it’s refreshing to hear her hit some higher notes and even use her head voice a bit, combined with the landscape of sound provided by the instrumental. Despite the overall brighter tone of the song, there’s still a heaviness to it overall that keeps it from being too jarring a shift after the opening track.

Now we get to “Braindust,” which has become NECTA’s most popular track after being put onto one of Spotify’s curated playlists. It’s more purely electronic than the previous song and while it utilizes more traditional electro-indie-pop elements, it still has some aspects that shake things up. In particular, there are multiple cuts within the beat which feel a bit discombobulating upon first listen but ultimately are part of what makes it so memorable.

Finally, “HERB (feat han5world)” leans more into K-R&B territory, probably due in part to the collaboration being with a rapper. To me, it’s reminiscent of some of Heize’s collaborative tracks, although NECTA’s instrumentals lean into more contemporary, experimental territory. It’s got a chill vibe and makes for easy listening, probably being one of the more traditional tracks on the EP.

Slushed Hours is a short EP, but as a start it seems promising. NECTA has already shown herself to be an artist who thinks outside of the box musically and is willing to experiment with sound, particularly in electronic music, and I’ll be interested to see what she tries next.

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