Two years after Dream And, LOSSOM return with Them And. It’s weird that the duo isn’t bigger and more popular. The music reminds me of a mix of chillwave electronic mixed with the a low key DJ production. Them And is a laid back EP that highlights Ha Sil‘s vocals along with enjoyable instrumentals.

lossom them and

“Puzzle” has an Odesza tone to it with Ha Sil providing accompanying vocals. The track is a slow burn as it moves through each verse. The song doesn’t really find a crescendo high point and continues to live within a more moderate theme. I think it’s meant more to introduce the core foundations of LOSSOM rather than blow out your ears. Even as a single, I think going this calmer tone works well.

LOSSOM moves into more electronic jazz and R&B on “Friend.” It’s essentially a jazz/R&B vocal track surrounded by electronic jazz elements. The duo do a great job using the genre while transforming it to meet the group’s style. This is the track that should get a lot of interest, but it can also misinform the overall music style. Ha Sil can provide stable vocals, but I think she’s holding back on this track.

They go further into electronic R&B on “My things going down” with a relatively standard track. There aren’t any surprises, but ends as a solid song. “Bad Lies” comes from a previously released single as a remastered version. I really like “Bad Lies.” The track contains a lot of varied rhythms and even with the repetitive vocal line, it remains engaging. I do think this version kind of separates Ha Sil’s vocals away from the track more than it should.

“100%” comes forward with a lot of potential in the introduction. The English vocals are easily distinguishable and Ha Sil’s able to control the syllables over 전우석‘s production. I still think she’s holding back her vocal ability and hasn’t really let loose. “Blue Sky” as the closer works well. It’s an enjoyable track and adds more of the DJ producer production elements. But I think there’s this arbitrary limiter on LOSSOM’s music that needs to disappear. I feel like the band isn’t hitting the highest point possible.

Them And is a solid addition to LOSSOM’s discography but I’m waiting for the duo to really go all out. Everything on Them And is solid and polished, but there’s a volume limit along with an energy limit that’s hindering the true growth of the duo.

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