There have been a lot of new bands coming together combining the talents of experienced artists. TAE:A is one of those bands. Originally formed by Jinyoung Han (H a Lot) and Taesub Won (1TON) and adding Hyunjoon Cho (1TON) on bass and main vocals with Shinsaron (The KOXX) on drums (who has since left due to personal circumstances), the band brings influences from the pair’s previous bands forward to create a hybrid hard rock/melodic rock group. I was curious to know what the sound of the band would be and FIND MYSELF is really a progression of the member’s past history.

tae:a find myself

“WHENEVER” starts like a Yellow Monsters melodic track with the drums and bass creating the main foundation and the guitars adding highlights before the verse starts. The vocals begin with a harsh chant as the track ramps up in volume and energy. The long intro was a Yellow Monsters signature and that continues here. The vocals are more spoken word than sung, repeating and cementing the lyrics. Then the hard rock verse starts and song gets more aggressive before a melodic rock chorus. It’s a jump back and forth throughout the song and as the first track does a great job to introduce the group.

The second track, “FIND MYSELF,” uses the same format except this one goes straight into the spoken word/rock-esque vocals. Screaming background vocals still make a major appearance, but the chorus vocals come from Jinyoung and Taesub. Those vocals are immediately recognizable and offer a good counterpoint to the main vocals by Hyunjoon. The two separate styles within the same song are arranged well, but the track does have a very specific formula.

Jinyoung takes center on “SALLY” by starting the track and providing the main vocals. The more melodic vocals are a nice switch with the more “screamo” vocals coming as backup and adding more dimension to the song. I wonder why Jinyoung didn’t want to take main vocals with TAE:A because his vocals continue to be strong. “SALLY” is more close to pop punk/rock than other tracks which might be the influence of the two 1TON members. It matches the overall band style while adding a different sound.

“Equal” also features Jinyoung as the main vocal. The song does have a lot in common with H a Lot’s composition along with some Yellow Monsters elements. This is the track that actually sounds like it could have been a unused Yellow Monsters track brought into TAE:A. With different members, there’s a new energy in the recording but at the same time after listening to Yellow Monsters so much, it’s nostalgic.

Closing FIND MYSELF is “WHY DO EXIST?” and a fitting closer. It’s the most aggressive track with a pounding drum beat before a screaming verse and chorus. It doesn’t let up throughout the entire track and keeps increasing the energy. “WHY DO EXIST?” would easily sit on a compilation with other punk and hardcore bands as a mid-album cleanser.

TAE:A is another example of the power of experienced musicians can collaborate to create amazing music. The EP may sound like a step forward from Yellow Monsters and 1TON, but through the combination of styles, FIND MYSELF raises itself to a different level.

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