We, Do It Together is a 12 track compilation offering a slate of songs provided by female voices within the independent scene. But We, Do It Together is even bigger than the album because it serves to highlight women’s rights, the issues female musicians endure, and to create solidarity within the music industry.

With many women issues being covered and brushed aside, this is the perfect time for female-fronted acts to come together to set a spotlight on plaguing issues. Following Billy Carter‘s Don’t Push Me, We, Do It Together is part of the expanding movement to bring more attention to old/archaic standards that must change.

we do it together

With the music, the 12 tracks are all mainly centered in rock music with tangent outliers coming from artists like hyangi and Ego Function Error. These two bands have had much more organically creative styles that blend a lot of influences together to create a unique sound. To start the album with AIRY‘s “In My Flickers” was interesting because it doesn’t give the album an instant impact, but actually resets the expected start. Her vocals also seem to have grown from her previous releases.

Expectations are changed with Ego Function Error and hyangi following. It’s a build up of energy with these two tracks. hyangi’s smooth dance-pop “Please Be Honest” adds a subterfuge to the track itself. The track order is one of the most interesting parts of We, Do It Together because it’s not set as a flow, but rather peaks and valleys. Amado LeeJaram Band‘s “Good Night” is a slow indie rock song with the warm vocals calming walking over the tempo. It almost feels like your being washed over with warm water in how easily the song progresses.

Adios Audio and Drinking Boys and Girls Choir add a mid-album boost of energy. They are the climb back to the peak before Cheon Miji and Whang Bo Ryung start to settle the tempo. None of these songs weaken the album and offer a different emotional weight. Dabda and Cacophony continue this. “The Rose of Sharon” by Dabda is an acoustic guitar and vocal track. The simplicity and emptiness of the song brings forth a feeling of sorrow.

Cacophony’s “Girl” brings the same energy she gives on her albums with an operatic vocal style on top of complex and dense instrumentals. “Girl” is going to surprise you if you’ve never heard her before. Closing the album is Billy Carter with “Hell.” Different from their recent album, it’s more punk rock and a fitting closer to the album. The energy and aggressiveness shows that everything ends with a band, not a whisper.

We, Do It Together is an important album. Not because of the music itself, but the message and purpose behind it. Korean music is full of talented artists of all genders and identification, but Korea itself is still lacking in terms of rights for these groups of people. If there’s one compliation to support with a purchase in 2020, this is the one.

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