This year for my Top 10, I chose to go with albums and EPs – though don’t get me wrong, I also loved many singles this year. Many of these have reviews written about them already, so I decided to format this a little differently; each album choice has three adjectives I’ve chosen to use to describe it!

There were a plethora of great releases this year, and narrowing it down to ten was in all honesty pretty difficult. A lot of artists I respect and admire dropped music throughout this year and you’d be hard-pressed to find somethingI didn’t enjoy from them.

But, without further ado, here are my Top 10 of 2020, in no particular order!

puer kim bluetube 2020

Puer Kim : Bluetube 2020

provocative, intriguing, unique

suzanne the distance between you and me

Suzanne : The Distance Between You and Me

meaningful, healing, soothing

jade violet dreamer

Jade : Violent Dreamer

fresh, heartfelt, sincere

luli lee let me dive into this moment

Luli Lee : Let Me Dive Into This Moment

retro, dreamy, funky

oohyo silence

OOHYO : silence

emotional, melancholy, relatable

fromm cellophane

FROMM : Cellophane

classic, bright, airy

aseul slow dance

ASEUL : Slow Dance

explorative, confident (to use Chris’s apt observation in his review), relaxed

min.a hi-fi

min.a : Hi-fi

 mature, experimental, (special shout-out to her singles but especially “Hour 24” which stole my heart)

haer hyaer

haer : HYAER

angsty, chill, complex

the next generation

The Next Generation : The King of Dance

vintage, colorful, playful

aspiring museum professional, avid lover of music