Oh Hee Jung‘s second 2020 release is The Box. The four song EP (or single depending on how you look at it), sounds like a companion to Our Fault. It’s brighter than the previous release and expands on her discography. It’s a solid set of songs, highlighting the her experience in electronic pop.

oh hee jung the box

Starting with “The Box,” Oh Hee Jung presents an instrumental that’s full of layered melodies and samples. The song moves from minimalistic tones and builds on the melodies throughout the track. While she uses her voice to add a top melody, it’s more to welcome you to this quick release. The octaves might be a little higher, but the sound itself is warm.

“Noname” uses, what I think is, a saxophone introduction before Oh Hee Jung begins to sing. The walking tempo and ambient samples make it sound like the song is happening during the evening. The tones might be artificial, but it sounds like insects in the night. Her vocals haven’t weakened from any release and it feels like she’s even using a variety of filters and effects to give her added vocals more color. “Noname” is a song that you could listen to at night walking next to a running body of water.

With each release, Oh Hee Jung continues to moves between different layers of electronic pop. With “What I Want,” it goes even further as she’s manipulating her vocals to react to different points of the track. “What I Want” is the most electro pop with the tempo moving faster, but her vocals moving at 2/3 of the speed. You might be moving with the instrumental, but her vocals are keeping a comfortable pace. It’s also a track that’s using the soundscape to move the vocal balance left and right.

To close The Box, “Exit” is an aptly named song that brings back the mood of “The Box.” It’s more exploratory by using lower octave melodies and the percussion sample is more persistent and brings a bit of a R&B tone. “Exit,” as an instrumental outro works well to close the overall mood of the EP. It’s short at two minutes, but closes The Box perfectly.

As an artist who reimagined herself in 2013, Oh Hee Jung continues to build an impressive discography that highlights her expertise in electronic music. Her vocals remain warm and now with her use of vocals as another potential sample, she could build even more technically complex songs while retaining her signature style.

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