For Our Misty Lives came from a related artist suggestion on Spotify. POLYP have been releasing music since 2018 with singles and a single EP in 2019. The 2020 full length is the first expansive introduction through 10 songs. If you’ve been looking for indie pop rock, this might be the album for you.

polyp for our misty lives

“Parasite” is a slow burn. It starts with very minimal vocals, guitar, and bass on a good amount of the song before moving into a big volume explosion about half way through. This is when the drums finally make an appearance and the guitars get some distortion. It’s a decent hello by the band, but doesn’t really show much color yet.

Going through the album, it’s clear that POLYP are big into melodies and really simple digestible songs. Everything kind of follows the same pattern even with different compositions. The vocals have a kind of sing-song aspect to them. They’re especially catered to the instrumentals. A lot of the tracks have a bigger OST or indie pop-ish feel. It’s a little hard to find a song that sticks in your ears.

“When Wolves Cry” brings back older indie pop rock memories and that kind of sticks throughout. “Hide and Seek” featuring Jang Youngeun adds a bit with the addition of female vocals, but the song itself sounds muted. I don’t know if that’s a mixing issue, but everything sounds a little too clean. “Rainsong” stands out as a interesting ballad rock song, but the mixing here again makes the song weaker.

Listening through POLYP’s full length, there are a lot of strong songs, but they follow the same general audio narrative. i wonder if that’s a deliberate choice as I think changing the way the mixing was done might make these songs even more engaging. POLYP compose good songs, even if they pull from a lot of familiar melodic lines.

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