Listening to AVOKID, I get a lot of conflicting feelings. On one hand, she’s creating really fun pop and R&B tracks on her first EP ?!. The other feeling is that she could eventually get swallowed by a some larger company rebranding that will entirely destroy all the work that’s shown on this release.


AVOKID’s vocals are one of the biggest draw factors. “sweet dream” showcases how she’s able to manipulate her vocals. Her comfortable range is warm and she can manipulate her voice to fit the track really well. “?” is a straight pop track that I would put up against a lot of mainstream pop companies. It has more experimentation, but also allows AVOKID to really use her voice outside of one specific delivery. The production by AVOKID and Minit plays to her strengths and doesn’t carry any weak points.

“!” feels like a direct attack on more club-style, summer jam pop songs. AVOKID is moving up and down the scale and her secondary background vocals really give the song a lot of life. “!” could beat a lot of pop tracks that came out in the fall if she had the right promotion.

She slows things down a bit on “kiss kiss” and goes a little more R&B pop-light. It’s a bit more disposable pop while still highlighting AVOKID’s lower register. The thing I enjoy the most about ?! is that while the vocals likely have some level of filtering, the majority of the vocals are clean and easily heard. I think she’s really giving one of the best vocal performances on this track even though it’s more low-key.

Closing out the five track EP, though there’s a sixth track not online, “deep water” is AVOKID’s ballad song. It’s not the standard ballad, but the slower tempo allows her to expand on her performance. This might be the best track for new listeners to start with because it really hits all the best points in her style.

AVOKID has a strong introduction on ?!. The pop and R&B foundation goes through a lot of variations through a small number of tracks. She proves how good her vocals are along with her ability to compose and arrange music. The production with Minit also shows she’s able to collaborate really well. ?! is the pop album of 2020 that many people probably missed.

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