Electronic music is a genre that always gives more than it takes. The massive variety of styles, artist signatures, and experimentation never gets old. Dubinvain‘s Blu Hole is the perfect example of that. The mix of chillwave, hip-hop, and electronic together creates a dynamic and addictive EP.

dubinvain blu hole

In the general sense of electronic music, Blu Hole is an instrumental album that’s highlighted by the use of multiple tonal layers all collaborating and sometimes fighting one another. The percussion elements help the album keep a consistent movement, while the melodic samples build a structure in your head. “Fugitive” which is a walk down a street in an alternative universe to “Grotto” where you explore a city being pierced by bright lights in the form of accented notes. Each song provides a different mental journey.

I’m much more focused on the percussion elements in electronic music and Dubinvain doesn’t disappoint. His use of percussion, either through recognizable instruments or using tones as percussion is excellent. The music doesn’t have to be overly melodic, but the use of tone and rhythms keep everything moving. I also enjoy how his music of empty space adds to the song composition.

“Sea Level” might be the most recognizable electronic music track in terms of simplicity and uses a lot of movement across the scales. The complexity of the “Sea Level” comes from its almost combative layering of samples. Mixing percussion together is difficult and Dubinvain pulls it off perfectly.

The six songs on Blu Hole are a view into the mind of this artist. His other work in FFRD contains some of these elements, but this EP is all his own and he has set the foundation for his musical signature. This style of electronic music isn’t for everyone, but those who enjoy instrumental music will enjoy it a lot.

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