Conut‘s Dream Drive was a fun seasonal 2018 EP. In 2020, Conut released three singles before this end of the year EP, Coconut Blues. The EP takes a different tonal theme compared to her previous EP. It’s more melancholy and bittersweet, following the EP’s title.

conut coconut blues

“Coconut Blues” is a slow walk mixing between Korean and English vocals. Using a slow tempo allows the song to hold onto every beat. The background percussion melodies give the song a snowfall feeling as Conut guides listeners through the streets at night. “Coconut Blues” is a strong introduction to the EP because it redefines what someone expects, especially if they listened to her earlier EPs.

Track two is a little more upbeat with Conut’s strong bass movement. “Moonlight Dance” is akin to her indie pop signature, but this track feels like it’s something you’d hear early in the night at a bar, getting together with friends. The song almost feels like it’s yearning for some stability that’s missing. Conut’s vocals the the star in the track as they are warm and comfortable.

Electronic pop returns on “Croffle Waffle.” The synth keyboards mixed with persistent percussion samples give “Croffle Waffle” a bedroom club feel, like you dance alone because you can’t see anyone. The mid-range melodies are comforting and this track really reminds me of Neon Bunny. It’s composition is structurally perfect and while it stays pretty consistent throughout, it never gets boring.

If you ever wanted to hear what Conut could do on a ballad track, “Someday” is that example. It’s a bit apparent that she’s not looking to blast a high range of vocals, but the instrumentation has all the signatures of the song style including the extended verse before chorus. Her vocals are the most stable and follow a specific key signature movement. I didn’t expect to hear this type of track by Conut, but it might be one of my favorites.

She closes Coconut Blues with “Car Wash,” a song previously released in 2019. But it fits perfectly among this set of songs. It does sound like live drums were recorded for this release of the song with the original using drum samples. The ride cymbal definitely gives the track a different feel along with the snare drum.

Conut is a secretly prolific artist. She creates and releases a lot of content online through other social media channels. I really like listening to every new release she has because it feels like it’s leading to something even bigger.

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