e_so was prolific in 2020 releasing four singles before her EP, A fairy tale of heart, at the end of the year. Her music style greatly favors acoustic guitar and her vocals though on the EP, there is a broader soundscape adding more instruments to create an entire experience throughout the four songs.

e_so a fairy tale of heart

“The universe” is a perfectly named track because of the large amount of secondary ambient melodies that surround the main vocals and acoustic guitar. The small echo added to her vocals enable them to exist slightly longer than usual and the extended instrumental during the bridge is a calming transition. The track takes a turn during the last quarter by increasing the tempo and adding more percussion. It’s a little out of nowhere, but adds a nice twist to the song.

Following “The universe,” “Discomposure” builds on the previous song. It has a bit of the same composition with the vocals and guitar at the center with accompanying instrumentals. Keyboards play a bigger role on “Discomposure” and serve as the bigger melodic driver. e_so’s vocals are smooth and warm, perfectly matching the track. There’s a distinct release she uses at the end of every vocal line that makes you anticipate the next verse.

“파도” was a previously released single and appears as a remaster. The track has a distinct snare with brush background that feels like it’s combining all the instrumentals together. The more prominent use of electric guitar adds a different energy into the song too.

“Trans-Siberian Railway” feels like the most standard indie pop track. The piano and violin produce an OST-level feel while e_so’s are the glue that keeps the song together. It also flows the most evenly from verse to verse and speaks to the widest audience.

A fairy tale of heart is a good set of songs to showcase e_so’s unique style. She’s able to really dive deep into more ambient style songs, but “Trans-Siberian Railway” is the example that her composition skills can create a deep and complex track. The EP is short, but provides a strong introduction for anyone who hasn’t heard her before.

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