Without knowing the background of Dear My Ghost Sibling : Come, I Swallowed All Sorrows, it comes across as an album of loss and sadness. When I found the history of the album, Jang Myung Sun prepared the album for an exhibition by Kim Seong-hye, a painter and ceramist, it then feels like the translation of feelings from one artist to another. Another thing to note is that every song is 4:44 long with the names of Christian angels or Muslim malaikah.

jang myung sun Dear My Ghost Sibling : Come, I Swallowed All Sorrows

Aside from its purpose as the audio for an exhibition, Dear My Ghost Sibling : Come, I Swallowed All Sorrows is a strange and emotionally heavy listen. The music isn’t pushing massive overtones or melodies, but instead sits in all the ambient and quiet moments. There’s a definite heaviness to every track. Each track is almost like an individual soundtrack.

“Gabriel” takes an environment ambient base with the sounds of incoming waves and water layered under multiple synth and keyboard layers. The sustained tones bring an ethereal sound to the track and feels like something is watching above you. Jang Myung Sun uses this across the entire album. “Raphael” sounds like it was recorded in a field at dusk. You get the crunching underfoot and insect white noise next to a lightly sung melody.

“Uriel” is a more recognizable electronic instrumental that sounds like a spider web of notes. Each little signature tone feels like water falling through the web. The combination of organic and inorganic tones from the seven songs creates a small universe that you visit. The 4:44 minute song length keeps a uniformity that’s not really recognized on the first listen, but really shows itself during repeat listens.

Jang Myung Sun’s work to support Kim Seong-hye is interesting. It interprets the exhibition, but Dear My Ghost Sibling : Come, I Swallowed All Sorrows is also a standalone album that brings a lot of emotion without a single word.

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