Doorlesshouse‘s Bright Future is an enjoyable melodic indie rock EP. The five track EP is an easygoing journey inside the minds of the group. Over sixteen minutes, the band really welcomes you into their world.

doorlesshouse bright future

The use of synth across Bright Future is a big feature. It sometimes serves as the main melody on “Tunnel” by using a repeating melody that guides the song. Guitar and bass help accent verses while the drums add some structure. The drums have a specific rhythm, but it doesn’t feel like a standard 4:4 beat. The use of cymbals and snare rhythms gives the track a journeyman tone.

Starting with a rainfall background, “Bright Future” is somewhat contradictory. The vocals on “Bright Future” are more forward than on “Tunnel.” But the track still has the somewhat wandering theme. Guitars and synth switch positions throughout the song to lead with the vocals providing the main guide. Vocals are smooth and warm, they don’t sound strained and kind of come across as melodic spoken word. The easiest way to describe “Bright Future” is a lazy day watching the rain.

It does feel like the song titles really describe how the song will sound. “Dusk” is a slightly darker song. In the intro, everything is put behind a filter until the main verse starts. Then everything is cleaned up and brighter. “Dusk” also adds brass in the background along with the rest of the instrumentals. The song is close to a light jazz song and the addition of saxophone in the middle was unexpected, but adds a nice accent.

“To My Friend Whose Time Doesn’t Flow” is one of the title tracks along with “Bright Future.” These two songs are different and let listeners know that Doorlesshouse isn’t just a single style band. “To My Friend Whose Time Doesn’t Flow” is a recognizable indie mixed with folk and ballad track. The slow tempo and high melodics really give it its life. The vocals seem to glide over the verses. What I like a lot about Doorlesshouse is that the use of guitar, either clean or distorted, adds dimension to the song and doesn’t need to always lead.

Doorlesshouse have a strong showing on Bright Future. It’s very close to some of the more popular indie pop groups like OKDAL, but has enough individuality to have their own voice. Bright Future is a little low key, but that’s really what some people will be looking for.

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