When Dongchan released Moon Like The Sun, it didn’t have a ton of lead up. I think I saw a couple of countdown social media posts but that was it. When I looked back on his releases, the last single released in 2018. I know that he’s also a member of FFRD along with Dubinvain. Moon Like The Sun is a quick four track listen, but has a different tone from FOG.

dongchan moon like the sun

There’s a bit more of a sultry and laid back tone in the music. “Moon like the sun” features Choi Ga Eun and her vocals fit the instrumentals perfectly. It’s almost like Dongchan composed these tracks to highlight the talent of the guests. “Moon like the sun” is a bit simple in the main melodies, but the lower instrumentals are where the track really highlight Dongchan’s composition talents. The verses with vocals allow the top line to be noticed with interlocked samples that follow the vocals. At the end of the track, the song uses so many rhythms together that compliment each other. I was surprised that it didn’t feel overwhelming.

“Moon like clouds” is a little more technical. With 2muchblack, the tempo isn’t that much faster, but 2muchblack delivers verses at almost double time. He’s moving across beats much faster than Cho Ga Eun’s floating verses. Dongchan is able to create a track that can support 2muchblack’s delivery. The percussion bridge is really great because it’s not just relying on big bass beats, but engaging percussion samples that push the pulsing melody. The only thing that’s kind of weird is 2muchblack disappears from the track a little after halfway through.

Choi Ga Eun returns on “Pouring moon” and plays a bigger part in the track. “Moon like the sun” used repeated verses while “Pouring moon” gives her more to work with. Her performance is also different from what she performs on her own work. The half time vocals mixed with a more kinetic instrumental is interesting. It’s almost like she’s holding back the tempo on her own but the song is still able to thrive.

Dubinvain and Jang Heejung guest on the final song “The abandoned moon.” It’s easy to hear Jang Heejung’s contribution throughout the song. Her vocals are different than Choi Ga Eun’s but follow the same delivery style. I’m not entirely sure where Dubinvain shows up in the track but it doesn’t sound like a FFRD b-side. “The abandoned moon” is a great closer to Moon Like The Sun.

I’m happy that Dongchan continues to release more music. I’m not sure if these tracks were a project or something he’s previewing in a larger work, but the features add another interesting element to his electronic style. Definitely a great EP if you’ve been following his work.

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