It’s been a bit since I heard from Tangerine. I was aware that the band took a break because of a personal loss and I wasn’t sure when the band would return. They reached out to let me know that they were preparing their first full length with “The Coldest Winter” leading as a single.

Listening to “The Coldest Winter” is a bit sombering. The song’s simple composition makes it more potent. The acoustic guitar plays as a guide with Marika‘s vocals gliding across the verses. The bass is full of reverb, but doesn’t overpower the track sitting lower in the mix while still making itself know.

The added accents build an interesting audioscape too. The song isn’t in a rush to get from beat to beat, but consumes the space and dwells in it. Percussion plays a bigger part in the latter half of the track, but doesn’t complicate the rhythms or muddle the melodies. Along with the track release, Miro directed a music video to accompany the song.

Leading the full length with “The Coldest Winter” opens up a lot of questions into how the album will play out. I’m really interested to see what Tangerine’s first full length will be and what growth is shown from their older releases.

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