It’s been some time since there’s been new Neon Bunny music. Her last release was the single, “Tell Me,” in 2018 before releasing “Call Me” at the end of 2020. Her last full length, “Stay Gold,” is a classic electronic pop album released in 2016. Now with her third full length, she’s presenting a slightly different music perspective. It’s still within her electronic pop realm, but feels more free.

neon bunny kosmos

“Call Me” was like a greeting from a friend you lost contact with. It’s a low key, melodic pop track that lets Neon Bunny simply glide over the melody. “Call Me” is an easy going song that eases you back into her music. While the song might not have the same impact as the start of Stay Gold, it has the same welcome tone.

Neon Bunny continues the subtle theme on “Just The Way You Are.” Slightly more minimal than “Call Me.” “Just The Way You Are” feels like a midnight walk on a silent street while having an internal monologue. Like many of her songs, Neon Bunny uses both English and Korean vocals.

“Just The Way You Are” switches between the verse and chorus. “Apartment” switches things a bit with its sing-song style. A bit more indie pop, the drum loop gives the track an off-center tone in the beginning until the chorus. The slower tempo really grabs your ears.

Even though I enjoy Neon Bunny’s slower tracks, it’s the faster instrumentals that I enjoy the most. “Twilight” uses a pulsing bass drum beat and moving synth melody to amp up the energy, then switches to a half-time mid-verse before the chorus. “Twilight” might use a standard electro pop chorus arrangement, but its Neon Bunny’s vocals that make everything cohesive.

I don’t remember if Neon Bunny has ever composed a straight ballad, though “Let Me Be The One” is a success. While she might be sticking to her comfortable range, the simple keyboard accompaniment makes me think of a Disney OST.

“IDK” is another slow track, though a bit fuller than “Let Me Be The One.” It’s carries strings, ambient environment sounds,” and synth samples and meshes into a very organic song. “Twilight” is the lead single on KOSMOS, but I think that “Bloom” is more interesting. It plays with tempo and melodies throughout the entire four minute length. It’s also a dense track with multiple layers and samples.

“Just Chilling” is a song void of any embellishments. Neon Bunny with acoustic guitar breaks up the album, though putting it at the end of the album hides the song. “KOSMOS” closes the album. The instrumental track feels like a end of the walk that started with “Just The Way You Are.” Like the title, it feels like you’re drifting in space and watching planets and stars fly by.

KOSMOS isn’t like Neon Bunny of the past. By using slower tempos and subtle melodies, KOSMOS presents a changed artist. She’s not making the same type of music and exploring territory that she’s scratched the surface of before. While many people might of wanted Stay Gold volume 2, I really like this album. It’s a marker of who Neon Bunny is now, not what she was before.

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