Short but memorable could be the perfect description when one talks about Lacuna’s discography. With three EPs released steadily since 2018, the members (Jang Kyungmin, Jung Minhyuk, Oh Isaac, and Kim Ho) delivered in 2020 the final chapter of their mini-adventure.

lacuna hello wonderland

“Dancing in the Rain” is the first song opening the 3rd mini-album, Hello, Wonderland. A desperate love song that finds the quartet begging for a dance in times of hardship, “Even if we’re covered in blood, let’s not stop holding each other in one’s arms / Dance together with me.” As the leading single of the EP, “Dancing in the rain” is guaranteed to charm new listeners with a melody reminiscent of The Black Skirts.

“The day before I met you” shines with its soulful and longing melody, but ends up being the most predictable song of the EP. However, even the most simple song remains good, and “The day before I met you” has definitely earned a spot in every driving playlist, despite its bittersweet lyrics “If you peer into my heart, you’ll come to realize by tomorrow everything will disappear like a dream.”

With the help of heavy guitars and heady lyrics, the groovy tune “TOOOOOO” sounds more appropriate for the summertime. It’s hard to forget a song as joyous and bold as this, and despite how peculiar it is, “TOOOOOO” blends in with the rest of the tracklist and emphasizes how diverse Lacuna can be, even in such a short album.

“Carnival” starts as a piano ballad but transforms halfway during its ascension into a gloomy and heavy track, embellished by a cheeky electric guitar. In a matter of just a few minutes, “Carnival” becomes the most experimental track of the EP with feisty lyrics. “So believe in me and let’s destroy the world / As the sunlight crumbles, it gradually cuts into me after cutting off my legs, I’ll follow you too.”

The eponymous and final song, “Hello, Wonderland,” is strikingly different from its predecessor, but is still audacious in its own way. By holding for us the guitar note until the very last second, the EP ends with a metaphorical bang, a loud hopeful sound impossible to ignore.

Lacuna offers an interesting turn in their artistry, displaying a range that is still ever-growing since their debut. With this new EP, the band stripped itself of the nostalgia-ridden atmosphere of Cake, released in 2019, and offers a more youthful and energetic album.

Despite their name meaning void, Lacuna fills every layer of their music beautifully with pulsing guitars and lyrics about the end of the world they have created in their past works. At times messy but always warm, Hello, Wonderland shares with us a broken fairytale with the certainty that things will be alright as long as you stay with the one you love. Isn’t it quite a pretty lesson to remember?

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