I don’t think I would have found Alzheimer’s Animals if I wasn’t browsing through Bandcamp. The band’s EP, Sing-Along Attack!!! is only 11 minutes and 11 seconds of in-your-face punk rock. It’s a kind of pure punk rock that’s all about repeating chords, sprinting bass lines, and a frenzied drummer all combining their skills together. Sing-Along Attack!!! is one the best hidden gems that released in 2020.

Alzheimer's Animals sing-along attack

If you want no-frills, Alzheimer’s Animals have you covered. With songs ranging from 55 seconds to almost three and a half minutes, the band makes an impact quickly before moving on to the next song. I also like how well the band was able to record and capture their energy without stripping anything away. “No Life No Cry” is short of two minutes, but once the introduction passes, the band goes full throttle.

I was surprised how even everything sounds across the songs. The instrumentals are easily deciphered and blend well. You can still hear the bass within the frantic guitar lines and pounding percussion and the vocals, while mainly screamed into the microphone, are still audible. The band might switch things a little, like on “Don’t Tie Me Up,” where it adapts to a bit of a punk pop tone while keeping the raw signature.

The band goes right back to its regular schedule on “Going Insane.” I wouldn’t classify Alzheimer’s Animals as hardcore, but the melodies might be a little harsh for people looking for standout melodies. “Our Strands” starts right after “Going Insane” and slows the tempo down a bit. As the longest song on Sing-Along Attack!!!, it kind of feels like the song was composed as a way for the band to take a break from other higher tempo and intensity tracks.

Closing the EP with “Ta-Ta-Ta,” actually sounds like a warm up track. It’s a little over one minute and sounds like the band is working on loosening up and preparing to play. I like how even though “Ta-Ta-Ta” is a “simple” track, sustaining that kind of energy is really difficult.

Alzheimer’s Animals’ Sing-Along Attack!!! brings continued hope of punk rock bands in South Korea. The closure of live performances have made it harder to discover new bands and I think Alzheimer’s Animals have a great sound that needs more songs.

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