Much like in his older releases, Jerry.K settles for comfortable, easygoing hip-hop on Home, never adding needless fanfare, and maintaining a strong sense of consistency.

It’s a strategy which works extremely well, too, with the congruent sense of structure and ever present rhythmic backbone helping mould a record which is entirely entertaining, even if it’s not overwhelmingly memorable.

jerry.k home

Opener “Back Home” gets proceedings off to a strong start, with its choppy vocal sample and summery synths gliding along at a pleasant pace. The track rides a bouncy groove for the majority of its runtime, with the only deviation a sleek, airy hook which nestles in the middle of the song before the tropical synths, slapping percussion and a colourful string section re-enter proceedings. It’s a well built, simple listen, and sets a rather light mood which the album largely sticks to.

“Time Flies” follows, a collaboration with Rico which favours breezy, coffee shop R&B melodies centred around understated brass, plodding percussion and a repeating rhythm guitar riff over anything overly complex. The honeyed chorus is a clear selling-point, even if the abrasive, distorted post-chorus in the middle of the three minute offering serves up the most food for thought.

As the first quarter winds down, “Yes Yes Yeah 2” offers glitz and glamour as Jerry.K raps with a rhyme-filled vigour, flanked with an ‘80s-inspired backdrop imbued with a toe-tapping bass riff and funk-laden samples. It’s a nice change of tempo, and leads perfectly into the elastic synth-driven “Brown Poodle,” which brings a hearty dose of subtle energy.

Elsewhere, the trap-infused “First Snow” gives listeners a more commercially-driven taste of the rapper’s talent, whilst “Yawn” allows for a more expansive, dreamy soundscape, with its toneful rhythm guitar melody feeling almost lullaby-like, and the hip-hop artist’s low-key vocal cadence veering closer to general speech than anything blisteringly rhythmic. Siwa’s chorus is a particular highlight, wispily punctuating the cut with a pronounced skill.

As the record continues, Jerry.K largely sticks to his accessible formula, sticking to sonic simplicity as opposed to opting for bells and whistles. “Holding,” for example, mostly trawls around with a thickly produced integral bass riff and backgrounded strings, and never breaks out from its restrained composition. It’s perfectly fine as a piece of music, but it does struggle to truly grab the listener’s attention.

As far as highlights go, the energetic curtain-closer “Go Slow,” which shuffles along with palpable energy and bouncy, bright synths, feels most equipped to leave a lasting impression. Buoyant at its core, it’s the type of fun-loving hip-hop which shows the mark of an artist willing to occasionally break out of his shell, and has a welcoming pop-driven magnetism to it.

In conclusion, although Home is unlikely to be a headline-grabbing affair, Jerry.K does offer plenty of creativity with his latest full-length. An uncluttered listen, the experienced rapper is clearly comfortable with where his artistry is, and knows how to hit the right notes without succumbing to the busy production levels rife within current hip-hop.

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