Five-piece punk and hardcore band, Slant released their first full length in February 2021. Titled 1집, the album is 10 tracks in 16 minutes with only one song passing the two minute mark. The majority of the album lives within the one minute and 20 seconds to one minute and 40 seconds mark and gets straight to the point before moving on.

slant 1집

Like other contemporaries in the punk rock genre, Slant use a collision of crunchy guitars and bass, manic yet precise drumming, and aggressive vocals to get the point across. The ample use of power chords shown through the album is expected though the band is able to keep things from getting repetitive. For punk rock fans, 1집 is perfect.

“How Did It Feel?” is one of the standout songs with its back beat rhythms. It might feel like it’s trying to catch the tempo, but the vocals keep things in time. It is a little difficult to tell what the lyrics are, but I can at least tell they’re in English. Slant is easily a band that listeners wouldn’t know is from South Korea.

Slant’s introductions to each song are the signature that states which song you’re hearing. Once Slant powers into the verse, then the same composition style appears naturally. I can’t fault them for it, it’s the nature of the music. “Travesty” slows things down a little and adopts some hardcore elements. Vocals are a bit more audible, but they sit in the middle of the mix overall.

1집 is a strong full length debut. It presents a powerful introduction to the band and gives punk rock fans a new band to dive into. The 16 minute run time is perfect. Slant don’t waste any time in their songs and the album still gives a lasting impression.

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