I have been remiss in not being aware of GRAPHY before hearing the lead single “Bloom.” The alternative – with electronic element – rock isn’t something that I’ve heard often but the band’s full length arrives after their start in 2017. Lies Are Relative is a moody and atmospheric album that’s a perfect pallet refresh.

graphy lies are relative

“Bloom” honestly drags you into the atmosphere created in the song. The drum and bass are interlocked between their rhythms and lay the engaging foundation. Kim Arvin‘s vocals are sultry with a slight amount of bite. The gliding choral backing vocals provide an ominous tone and the synth additions that break up the “Bloom” create an industrial feeling.

GRAPHY dives into an entirely different style on “Human Romance.” It replaces the hard rhythms with acoustic guitar accented with synth but continues to be centered around the vocals. “Human Romance” continues to introduce new audio elements to build out the song. You hear the common ground between “Bloom” and “Human Romance.” It proves that Kim Arvin is in control of the destination and you are following behind him.

The one thing that sticks out is that Lies Are Relative moves in tangents. It’s a set of songs from the mind of Kim Arvin touching a lot of genres. The intense start sways into 90s alternative rock and “Artist” is an song with an uplifting melody bordered with serious lyrics. I’m really curious what influences and inspirations helped craft Lies Are Relative. “Here Comes Spring” is the wide audioscape track that supplements itself with strings you expect on the third or fourth album, but it makes an appearance here.

Lies Are Relative is easy to consume with its English lyrics and the polished arrangements. Even though Lies Are Relative feels random, listening the entire album does reveal a center perspective. While I can’t exactly name the bands and artists that GRAPHY reminds me of, it’s clear that GRAPHY knows the type of music it wants to create. This full length might be subterfuge with its lead single, but the rest of the album is a fun ride to hear from start to finish.

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