POCLANOS‘ YouTube channel never fails to disappoint when it uploads new music. HIGA released music videos for “Painting” and “Gaze” through the channel. While the album is classified on Bugs as rock and metal, I think the it goes beyond that. Some of the tracks do carry a recognizable rock composition, but the sum of the album exceeds those markers.

higa epiphany

Epiphany’s “Intro” is a wandering synthetic journey. It’s mixing synth and keyboards in sweeping waves. It does have a time signature, but feels more free form. When “Island” starts, you do get a more ample indie rock tone. I especially like the drum recording on the track. It’s less polished and has an organic tone, much like how it would sound in a practice room. The drums also don’t just provide a direct time signature, but have their own rhythm. The minimalist tone is parried by HIGA’s vocals. The melodies move across each of the verses with a smoothness.

Midway through Epiphany is where the audio begins to move away from the indie rock style. More synth and samples start getting layered into the music. “Further” has a looping drum sample, set under a quickly moving melody line. The drum rhythm sounds like it’s on the back of the beat. At a minute in, HIGA starts singing with support from a simple keyboard line. The track sounds like it shouldn’t work with all the different melodic lines flowing at the same time, but there is an addictiveness to “Further.”

“Gaze” is a track that moves into COR3A territory. It’s creating a universe inside the audio. There’s more repetition through drum loops and droning samples. HIGA moves at almost half-time and sometimes you’re not even sure what measure or verse the song might be on. “Gaze” is an experience. This continues throughout the rest of the album.

Epiphany has a deliberate song order as the styles move from a recognizable indie rock tone to an experimental electronic exploration. It’s interesting because HIGA is showing multiple styles and compositions all within the same album. If the album wasn’t ordered in this way, it could feel like HIGA doesn’t know the end goal to the music, but these 11 songs are giving you a wide view into the the soundscape.

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