For all the music I listen to on a daily or weekly basis, St. Lenox holds a special place in my mind. On the surface, his songs are expertly crafted and composed. Underneath, it’s the hidden iceberg of emotions and experiences.

In all honesty, St. Lenox’s music can go over my head and it takes me a long time to consume each song. He’s releasing his next album, Ten Songs Of Worship and Praise For Our Tumultuous Times, on June 11, 2021 through Don Giovanni Records.

The music video for “Arthur is at a Shiva” released today and it’s a combination of music video supporting the song and instructions on cooking “The Great Fractal Challah.”

Actually, the music video requires multiple views – at least once for the song and at least once more for the recipe to make challah. Listen to the song and learn how to make this very delicious looking bread.

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