POCLANOS continues to be one of the best YouTube resources new music. It has a great diversity of videos and there’s always something new to discover. Western Kite‘s “Couch” showed up in my feed and I was drawn to the indie pop and funk style. Listening through ultraviolet!, Western Kite’s vocals are the warm center of every track with the instrumentals adding the support to bring her visions alive.

western kite ultraviolet

“Couch” is an earworm with its groove and beats to draw you in. She switches gears on “Inline” with a slower tempo, ballad and lounge track. It allows Western Kite to immediately show another style. Her vocals move across multiple octaves and prove that her vocals are versatile. “Why Are My Photos Bad?” is a mid-point between “Couch” and “Inline.” It’s a mixture of both songs with the slower tempo, but also the addition of trumpet and organ to add a different tone. “Why Are My Photos Bad?” is effortless perfection to the listener.

“Bongo” is another of the feature tracks and while it’s great, I think “olive” is a stronger track. The song simply has a pull that makes me put the song on repeat. Western Kite’s English vocals across her songs also make a connection easier. Western Kite uses more than live instruments. Her electronic arrangements also carry a high level of composition and arrangements. “LARRY” has a lot of samples counteracting with each other, but the song flows without becoming too confusing.

At the backend of the album, Western Kite returns to the slower tempos. “Slumber” is like the one slow track on an indie album. The organ and guitar accompaniment next to her vocals is great. “Slumber” has a simple presentation, but is one of the best songs on ultraviolet!.

Western Kite’s ultraviolet! will be the first introduction to many listeners and this album builds from the foundations set by her 2017 album Subtitle. While there are a lot of strong singles on the album, ultraviolet! is best heard as an entire album because it shows off the many different facets of her work. Definitely listen to this album.

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