Naivesign‘s start in music was a single in 2017 and it wasn’t until February 2021 that he released his first EP. The six song release shows an interesting mix of genres like it’s almost a collection of singles meant to grab the attention of different audiences. You will never know till it happens to you is a fitting title because he’s trying many things in his music, each one with a good amount of success.

naivesign you will never know till it happens to you

“Lazy sunday afternoon” reminds me of early WE ARE THE NIGHT and The Solutions. The indie pop rock core shows itself early with the polyrhythms through the drum beat and the bass. Naivesign’s strong melodic precision shows very clearly on the track. As the start of the EP, he grabs your attention and makes you want to keep listening.

The lead single, “You will never know till it happens to you,” uses a slower tempo, English vocals, and audio samples to break up some of the verses. The groove presents itself quickly and Naivesign’s vocals are gliding over the instrumentals. “You will never know till it happens to you” uses guitar, bass, and drums as the main instruments, but there is a surprisingly fitting DJ scratching breakdown in the bridge that comes and goes quickly.

If you wanted a mixture of groove and funk pop mixed with a bit of city pop elements, “Ideal and Reality” is the song. The piano-fronted song is presented in a relatively simple manner. The vocals follow the piano rhythm and the bass sits under the surface but doesn’t go crazy with counter-acting rhythms. Drum loops have a funk/jazz influence to support the song. “Ideal and Reality” is a fun track to split the six songs and probably one of the better background songs.

“Berlin” combines “Lazy sunday afternoon” and “Ideal and Reality” together to go ever more electro/city pop. This is that song that will grab the attention of a lot of people, but it’s definitely not the strongest song on You will never know till it happens to you. I do think Naivesign is comfortable in this audio style but it’s doesn’t have the best polish.

Naivesign moves deeper into electronic pop on “Together.” He’s a fan of synth and that shows a lot. To me, “Together” is one of the better songs because it opens up a wider soundscape partially provided by the background vocals. While this section has a great presentation, I think it could have been more powerful, through multiple layers of the backing vocals or pushing the main vocals above the instrumentals. It’s like 96% there, but missing that over-the-top element.

To close the EP, Naivesign goes full folk and acoustic into OST performance. Stripped of his electronic backing, the piano and guitar supported track allows him to have that live show closer. “The End Of The World” isn’t doing anything crazy, it’s a very solid song that closes the EP with his final perspective.

Naivesign illustrates his preferred genres on the EP. He also isn’t afraid to try something a little different as the EP closer. You will never know till is happens to you is a showcase of his talents. Each song is good, but there’s almost always a small element that is missing to bring the song fully to life. It could be sometimes the song lack a big crescendo, but that might be on purpose. Still the EP is a great showing of his talent.

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