I’ve listened to a few of DJ P3PP3R‘s songs through YouTube, but when he reached out about M1100506 I was curious what his full EP would sound like. The six song EP is short, a little short of 12 minutes, but long enough to really get a sense of his style and production.

DJ P3PP3R m1100506

The album is a mix between hip-hop and electronic music, either mixing the genres or favoring one over the other. “Introduce” is old school hip-hop. A relatively simple repeating beat and melody topped with DJ P3PP3R’s smooth flow. He’s not just following the beat, but applying different rhythms and attacking between main beats. The vocal flow over the instrumentals is great because it’s easy to follow even with triplets or sustained syllables. “Introduce” is fun way to start the EP.

“Tailor” follows “Introduce” and pushes more electronic elements into the mix. DJ P3PP3R still provides his signature vocal flow. The added tonal instrumentals use piano, a moving bass line, and slightly more muted percussion, but that doesn’t steal from the enjoyment of the song. I also think “Tailor” doesn’t use any kind of chorus and at one second over two minutes, he gets his entire point across.

The solo instrumental track, “Anger,” allows you to really get a taste of DJ P3PP3R’s production. “Anger” has a very different quality than “Introduce” and “Tailor.” The song starts off a little frantic with trap-esque offbeat tension with the strongest notes at different times. Then it makes a switch with a flute-driven interlude before moving back into the old school hip-hop live drum rhythms and sampled funk verses. “Anger” is multiple styles stitched together into something really enjoyable.

“Panic” reminds me of cues of Balming Tiger though DJ P3PP3R definitely has his own presentation. Using the electronic fronted instrumental, DJ P3PP3R’s vocals come in at alternating eight notes and triplets depending on the verse. “Panic” is short and DJ P3PP3R uses the most of that time.

Another one of M1100506’s instrumentals is “어젯밤 꿈.” It also uses trap and glitch elements over underlying melody. Even with so much layering and sampling, the song is easy to consume and likely stands out as one of the strongest tracks. Closing the EP with “행복,” DJ P3PP3R offers an ambient and chill outro with simple spoken verses. It’s a monologue that calmly welcomes the end of M1100506.

DJ P3PP3R’s M1100506 starts at a big high and slowly strips and replaces elements. The EP is successful in presenting his production and composition skills while not simply following current style trends. The mixture of hip-hop and electronic are done in a way that one doesn’t overshadow the other and they are able to coexist. I think his perspective is really fresh and can entice fans of both genres easily.

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