As a more casual hip-hop fan, I get stuck on few releases that I play on repeat. I originally learned about the release from HAVAQQUQ‘s tweet and then received a message from Sylarbomb about Sci-Fi Short Film. The collaboration between MOLDY, who provides the verses, and Sylarbomb, who provides the beats, is perfect synchronization.

moldy sylarbomb sci-fi short film

Sylarbomb’s track production gives Sci-Fi Short Film its distinct feel. The layering of beats and samples can feel random, but actually presents itslef with laser precision. MOLDY flows over verses with a rapid mixture of rhythms. He’s not simply moving comfortably over the beats and instead uses half-time, triplets, and even more segmented notes. “” showcases both in high form as grabs your attention immeadiately.

“Pacific Ocean” is pure bliss. I don’t know why but “Pacific Ocean” is stuck in my head. The instrumental uses this repeating melodic line that gives the song its watery feel. MOLDY sounds entirely at home over the instrumentals. Sometimes he presents verses in double time and others he’s following the beat. Sylarbomb’s swaying instrumental has both incoming and outgoing melodies that act like waves. What sticks out about their collaboration is that Sci-Fi Short Film feels fresh.

Sci-Fi Short Film contains four originals and four remixes. I like that you can hear the original production and an interpretation on the same release. The original version of “Bingle Bingle” follows the same style of “” and “Pacific Ocean” but allows MOLDLY to explore different rhythms. The spacing in the verses is more laid back, but he’s also still comfortable filling the entire verse. The “Bingle Bingle” remix by Tap.T is an electronic fever dream. It gives the song a different dimensionality. It’s similar, but has a life all its own.

Adding Nubset‘s feature to “Hack a Web” is a good switch to add a new voice to the collaboration. The energy on “Hack a Web” is different from the other songs. It’s somehow a little more lowkey and sounds like it’s a track to really showcase MOLDY before switching to Nubset’s different tonal style.

Among the remixes by Mignon (“”), Syunman (“Pacific Ocean”), Tap.T, and VENKO (“Hack a Web”), I enjoy Mignon’s the most though the others are good remixes. It’s probably the fact that Mignon uses a similar tempo where the other remixes speed things up a bit more.

Sci-Fi Short Film is great. For hip-hop fans, this is definitely an EP to listen to and consume. MOLDY proves he has the versatility to move over verses with rhythmic precision and Sylarbomb has produced some amazing instrumentals. I would enjoy listening to the instrumentals by themselves, but the songs are only complete with MOLDY. Hopefully there’s more coming from each artist soon.

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