A little over two years since THIRSTY, The Black Skirts returns with a full English-language EP called Good Luck To You, Girl Scout!. From The Black Skirts Facebook page, the EP was “inspired by my friends who got dumped last summer during the height of Corona Virus.” Listening through the EP, you get his signature indie pop and indie rock style mixed with some very aggressive verses hidden in the lo-fi melodies.

the black skirts good luck to you girl scout

If the songs are all third person recollections, Good Luck To You, Girl Scout! is an emotional memorial. “Kleenex” features the line “they’re all sluts, there ain’t no one like you” and that establishes the overall tone in an instant. These songs all feature heightened emotional responses presented with great melodies. The EP might feel a little bit like a tangent from his other releases, but The Black Skirts’ ability to wrap these experiences within these tracks is great.

Anyone who’s had relationship problems will relate to the EP and The Black Skirts fans receive a slightly stripped back presentation. His choice to release the EP with English vocals ensures that everyone can live through these feelings together and find some common ground.

Themes run from anger to loss, but you have to distinctly listen to the song to hear what type of song it is. “When I Think Of You” is an outlier because it’s only vocals and acoustic guitar. Then you get to the lyrics and hear an emotionally charged track. Romantic relationships are an interesting subject matter because listeners are reminded of their own history. The Black Skirts is taking those from his friends and presenting them to the listener.

Good Luck To You, Girl Scout! contains all of The Black SKirts’ recognizable audio elements supported with inspired subject matter. It may be a bit tangential from his other releases, but continues his enjoyable discography.

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