Low key indie rock holds a special place in my mind. It carries a different energy that helps keep me concentrated. Moskva Surfing Club‘s Low Flight is a perfect album within this style of music. The debut album is an expansive look into all the different audio explorations the band looks at,

moskva surfing club low flight

“Low Flight” comes across like a jam song that was polished into lead track. While it’s not one of the singles, it has an enjoyable slow start. A walking pace tempo, layered melodies from the guitars with the bass and drums providing the guidance forward. “Little Third Stone from the Sun” is a lead single and provides a warmer presentation from “Low Flight.” The track carries a funk groove throughout the slightly lo-fi surf rock theme, but never falls into repetition.

“Love of the Honest” mixes “Low Flight” and “Little Third Stone from the Sun” into a beach side sunset track. It feels like the track to hear as the sun disappears into the ocean. The verses go in and out like waves at the beach with the chorus acting like mellow waves coming onto the shore.

“Through Her” should be Moskva Surfing Club’s calling card whenever someone hears the band. It contains all the core foundation elements and you can instantly understand the band. “Margarine” has an interesting spoken Russian intro, or I think it’s Russian, before heading into the track. It’s the “last call” track at a bar. The slow tempo is telling you to finish your drink and welcome the sea breeze, but get the hell out of the bar. As an instrumental, Moskva Surfing Club continue to tell a story.

My favorite track is “Period.” It’s an interesting track because it starts with a minimalist guitar intro, starts layering synth and bass, before the drums make the final appearance. As “Period” progresses, it’s a somber indie rock track before Moskva Surfing Club dive into the bridge and enter a shoegaze universe. This backend breakdown in incredible.

Low Flight’s last few songs sound like this is where Moskva Surfing Club decided to put different tonal tracks. From “Period,” “White Night st.” and “Unfilled” have a different energy and close the album perfectly. Low Flight’s track order is experiencing a night at the beach that flows into the next morning.

Moskva Surfing Club’s Low Flight is an amazing debut full length. It solidifies the band while also dropping in some outlier tracks to give the band some other audio outlets. There isn’t a dropped song which is impressive. Give the album a listen and get taken to the ocean.

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