Meejah has released the first single from their June 18, 2021 album, Queen of Spring. “Queen Min, Rise (Fire ☲)” is a heavy track and if this preview is anything to consider, then Queen of Spring will be impressive. The album is a “concept album cycle written over 8 trigrams in Korean and taoist philosophy.” The music genre is a mixture of noise and industrial with experimental undertones. The press release explains it better:

Danish-Korean band Meejah is releasing the first single “Queen Min, Rise (Fire ☲)” from their debut album Queen of Spring (release date 18 June 2021) – a concept album cycle written over 8 trigrams in Korean and taoist philosophy.

Queen Min was a Korean Empress who was assassinated in 1895 in the royal palace in Seoul.

Composer and frontperson Mai Young Øvlisen, who is a Korean adoptee, uses her artistic work to reconnect to her Korean female lineage, like a shamanistic ritual – and interpret her transnational identity, growing up in Scandinavia. 

The song represents the element of Fire in the band’s album cycle and is an anthem to all Phoenix Souls who rise after injustice.

Frontperson Mai Young Øvlisen uses the artistry to reconnect as a Korean Adoptee: 

“When you grow up in the West you don’t learn much if any about Asian history. So you have to “invent” it yourself. Queen Min’s story opened the heritage of my ancestors. So I can tell it to others and contribute to the understanding that Eastern and Western history are interconnected. Like my life story is an evidence of.”

The album is recorded in BlipBlop Studio in Roskilde, Denmark, and mastered by Magnus Lingberg from Cult of Luna in Stockholm.

Meejah is Daniel Nayberg, Andreas Isbrandt Løvenskjold, and Mai Young Øvlisen.

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