I didn’t fully know about Synsnake until Watch Out! released the music video for “Manneristic.” Going back, Serah provided vocals on a Monsters Dive song, but nothing else stuck out. The band have two prior EPs released in 2016 and 2017 respectively, but Fluxus is the first full length introduction. Synsnake live in the synth-metal-hardcore genre with melodic vocals, screamo vocal accompaniment, heavy distortion heavy guitars, pounding drums, and synth accents.

synsnake fluxus

While the most common comparison will come from Messgram and the fact that the bands are on parallel audio paths, Synsnake are able to give their own signature to the recognizable genre. You definitely won’t confuse the bands because Synsnake are an inflection of the genre instead of simply using the standard set of audio elements. I think that Synsnake is more free with its synth and the screamo vocals are an equal to the melodic vocals. This is heard on “Manneristic,” “Saturn In The Loop,” “Prism,” and other songs.

Also Synsnake doesn’t just lead with fast tempo and pounding tempos, “One Million Pieces Of You” is the band’s version of a melodic rock song. Serah’s vocals immediately engage with welcoming verses and even when the song moves past the introduction, there’s still a bright tone to the song.

“Flip” also performs similarly and what I think would be a great single outside of “Manneristic” or ‘Saturn In The Loop.” It’s actually the most standard track of the style, you almost expect the melodic pop mixed with hardcore on any album of this genre. Synsnake switch the composition on “Acceleration” with the aggression starting the song before the calm melodies enter. This decision keeps things fresh as most songs can start getting repetitive if it’s melody – screaming – melodic chorus – melody – screaming – melody and screaming bridge – outro.

Fluxus definitely embraces the genre and even though the band aren’t really doing anything new genre-wise, the album is a fun listen on every of the 11 songs. If you consider Synsnake’s Fluxus as their debut, then it’s very successful. Genre fans have a solid album to enjoy and newer listeners can hear how a band can integrate two melodic lines together successfully on repeat.

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