It’s always great to find musicians forming new projects together and bringing their experience into a new project. Bigbet combines members from Big Baby Driver, I should have brought a camera in my dream, Atombook, and Vidulgi OoyoO into a very experienced indie rock four member band. Other’s Mind isn’t the band’s first release, but feels like a different chapter of the band.

bigbet other's mind

The indie rock focus is centered on enjoyable melodies, lightweight drums, synth keyboards, and guitar and bass that support the vocals rather than takeover the songs. “Affinity” is a mellow track that easily moves through the verses. SP’s vocals are warm and soothing like a hug from an old friend. The repetition throughout the song doesn’t hold anything back and it feels like a car ride next to the ocean.

“Goodbye” adds a bit more of a folk element overlaid on the indie rock. It’s interesting how the mix is so even with the vocals slightly sitting higher than everything else. The bass is a little hard to hear and supports a lot of the guitar riffs. The drumming is straightforward, adding the tempo, and helping “Goodbye” stay on track. Bigbet cement expectations on this track.

I think “Synchronicity” leads in a slightly different tone compared to the first songs but has a lot in common with “Affinity.” There’s something really addictive with the guitars and how there isn’t a lot of distortion. Keyboards take the biggest place in the instrumentals.

If you want more indie rock, “Rainbow Boy” has you covered. The song “expresses support for LGBTQ” though it would take a translation to fully understand the lyrics. “Rainbow Boy” reminds me of Japan’s The Pillows a lot too. It has a very specific tone and rhythm that’s like a specific walking style and pace, but you want to dance along.

Closing Bigbet’s Other’s Mind is “Mirror Ball.” It reminds me of a slow school dance song. The tempo has a slow groove that’s mirrored through the guitar and bass. Drums add a underlying pace that keeps things from falling into a simple 4/4 signature. The song’s mood also fits a small bar where every patron knows each other and have stopped talking to listen to the song.

Bigbet started back in 2011 with the first official release in 2016, Now in 2021, Other’s Mind has a bigger presence from other releases this year. It’s the calm and melodic indie rock album that helps you destress while laying down. If you need a break from overstimulation, this is the album for you.

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