Sometimes Spotify is actually able to suggest a relevant new artist and in this case, MOA‘s MOA4550 was a welcome addition to my library. Focused within the R&B genre with electronic pop accents, MOA’s seven song EP is a low-key, impactful release. It comes across mellow from “Wet,” but quickly finds powerful steps through the other tracks.

moa moa4550

“Wet” is an introduction. It follows a repetitive structure that lets MOA present the main ideas that you’ll hear. She does have a level of auto tune on her vocals, heard mainly at the end of verses, but I don’t actually think it’s used to cover her vocals and more for a style choice. The 2:28 song might sound a little plain within the R&B genre when she’s actually getting started.

“Pink ribbon in the car” is a previously released single and follows the customary R&B style. An audible bass beat adding a slight grove. The sampled hi-hat and rim shot to accent verses. And the light melodies that help support MOA’s vocals. If she could have a comparison, her vocals have a similar to BIBI with how they end each verse. Paul Blanco‘s feature arrives mid-way through and his vocals give a counter melody to MOA’s higher range.

City pop being a popular genre, “OTS (our theme song)” is MOA’s jump into the style. It’s different from the previous songs and adds a nice mid-EP switch. “Fxxkin Nostalgia” is a short interlude that sounds like a demo that didn’t get expanded, but had enough to cut the EP in half.

MOA heads to R&B pop on “cinnaMOON tea,” and also gives a little more variety in the vocals. It’s still within a comfortable range, but she’s exploring a different audio environment than before. It’s a welcome shift than a rinse-repeat of songs. I do think that “T-shirts <3” mixes BIBI and Sogumm.

The good thing about the song is that she’s not mimicking either artist, but following some distinct elements that you hear from them. Closing MOA4550 with “4,550miles” is a good choice. It’s a temperate R&B song that helps close the EP with a similar tone to “Wet.”

MOA4550 is a fun listen. She’s got a unique style that finds success on all the songs. Even when she’s visiting other styles, she’s still centered on herself. The mix between English and Korean vocals is an added bonus as she’s able to glide between them easily. MOA’s presents herself well on MOA4550, but I wonder what would happen if she took a bigger chance.

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