Low Hanging Fruits’ follow-up to April’s Round is a generally easygoing 23 minutes. It doesn’t reach anything resembling a huge, benchmark moment for the developing trio, but it does show enough to give evidence that the future is certainly a bright one should they continue to hone their skills.

low hanging fruits i just wanna be better

“Round” starts proceedings, sleekly gliding through repeating synth-lines, undercurrents of bass and honeyed vocals. The track’s threadbare percussion helps build a rather relaxing mid-tempo mood, whilst the subtly pensive, seamlessly catchy chorus ensures that everything stays memorable.

“Uncertain Minds” continues with more of the same, with stuttering percussion flanking crunching guitars, glitzing synths and tinges of bass. The airy vocals are a particular highlight, with each note feeling both soothing and enticing to the listener. It’s an impressive offering, and one which certainly raises the quality of the EP.

“Ooooh” settles for more of a generalised indie colour, with guitar riffs reminiscent of bands coming out of the UK, and the grittier backdrop crafting a soundscape which has low-key remnants of punk. It does veer on the generic side of things, though, and fails to capture the attention in the same way as some of the accompanying cuts.

Penultimately comes “52!,” a track centred around staccato synths, thumping drum beats, and restrained, glossy vocals. It’s consistent throughout, refusing to be drawn into the temptation of an overblown hook, instead favouring a pragmatically congruent approach. To some the repetitive nature of “52!” may be grating, but for others it will undoubtedly be tailor-made for the background of their days.

Finally, the six-minute “The Speeding Night” ties things up with a flurry of polished harmonies, easygoing vocals and a dreamy, almost sleepy production. Its higher energy second-half is certainly more memorable than the first, but on the whole it is a very solid closer to an EP which delivers in a variety of ways.

In conclusion, I Just Wanna Be Better is a robust extended play by Low Hanging Fruits. It shows clear marks of improvement, and leaves plenty of room to be excited about whatever comes next.

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