Listening to Cull Ficle from Asian Glow is a nostalgic experience. Along with this solo work, Asian Glow is also a member of FØG, whose dream pop and shoegaze has its own presence. It’s possible to hear some overlapping similarities between Cull Ficle and music by FØG, but this album contains a singular vision over 15 songs.

asian glow cull ficle

Centered around an emo and lo-fi bedroom tone, Asian Glow has this strange calming nature about it. EVen with the music carrying a lot of distortion in the guitars and a fast moving tempo, the album relies a lot on melody. I can’t even offer highlights because every song on Cull Ficle has something enjoyable. I think the more enjoyable aspect is the chosen artist name – Asian Glow. This is because Cull Ficle does actually have an audible glow about it.

The “emo” genre has a lot of different chapters and while Asian Glow might grasping the elements from later styles, there are many noticeable pieces from earlier generations. These are easier to understand if you’ve listened to the genre throughout its life. Otherwise, Cull Ficle is simply a highly melodic full length. The 15 songs have a flow and move in waves. Depending on the platform you hear the album, you might miss the extra song “ILoveYou” which is a minute of feedback.

“5:21:2000” has to be a favorite, mainly marked by the drum rhythm that plays throughout the track and argues with the vocal rhythm. I think it’s impressive that every song on the album has its own distinct composition, like “Just thinking,” and none of the song feels like a demo. The varied track lengths also give some separation from one song to the next, but once you start Cull Ficle, Asian Glow has your attention.

I don’t know of many artists who specifically live in the emo genre, but Asian Glow understands the genre and it’s clear that he’s a fan and created his own interpretation. If you’re a genre fan, this is definitely something to buy and keep close.

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