As music evolves, different music genres come in waves. Recently, low key indie rock mixed with surf rock and funk elements have become more noticeable. Marrakech follow within the genre on their five song EP Shape. Fortunately, like many of their colleagues, Marrakech are able to find their own signature and provide an excellent moody soundtrack to your night.

The introduction track is just that. It highlights the guitar, bass, and drums through an instrumental track. The 2:20 length sets the groundwork expectations and lowers you into Marrakech’s universe. The mix of “Intro” wraps around your ears and slows down your heartbeat.

Moving from “Intro,” “Taste” has a similar vibe. The drum rhythm sets the pace with the bass adding a nice low end to the trip. The guitars layer over each other to add some accents, but the main focus is the vocals. The English vocals are a surprise as they flow smoothly over every verse. “Taste” is a perfect song to listen to at a bar where white noise can add to the song’s ambiance.

Things speed up a bit on “What a Time to be Alive.” The rhythms push a bigger groove from the drums and bass with the vocals having a more deliberate focus. This might be the best track and the best single to showcase Marrakech. It has many elements that would attract the ears of indie rock fans. I think Hyukoh fans would find Marrakech as a good transition.

“Saint” sits between “Taste” and “What a Time to be Alive” in tempo. The minimalistic arrangement that Marrakech uses helps the band standout. It’s difficult to create songs that don’t need to fill every note with noise and Marrakech are very deliberate in how each note and verse is composed. Shape uses the drum and bass very specifically and that helps give the band a unique tone. The guitar is somewhat like hathaw9y, it’s an accent melody device.

To close the EP, “Is it True” narrows its focus on a blues mixed with light funk track. The vocals, while important, sound like they’re supporting the guitar instead of the standard vocals supported by guitar. It’s a fitting closing song at 1:30, like a final swig of a drink before leaving for the night.

Shape is compelling. The five songs, with one true “Intro” and “Is it True” serving as an outro, can accurate present Marrakech to listeners. This growing genre is great for low key moments or times to destress. Marrakech are talented in composing songs that have a narrow focus, but provide a wide listening experience.

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