Originally a solo project created by Jong Lee, Peach Luffe has evolved into a quartet with Sean Yerzy, Jonathan, and Michael Friedman. Together, the Toronto-based band explores their own fragility and intimate sentiments thanks to a dreamy soundscape. With this second EP, Evergreen, Peach Luffe sounds nervous but brave in the face of love and its never-ending rollercoasters.

peache luffe evergreen

“Daydream” sounds exactly like one would expect from its title alone. With this happy indie-pop track, we gleefully follow Jong Lee in his dream world filled with pastel waves just waiting for us. A beautiful fantasy, yes, but also the promise of a much-needed shelter. “Daydream” is a formidable opening song, perfect to set the tone of the EP.

“Tangled” is the musical antithesis of the previous song. This time, it’s Jong Lee and his soft vocals who confides in us and admits his own shortcomings and the crippling anxiety taking over his thoughts, his body, his life. It’s a much more exhausted and subdued side of the singer, accompanied by strings and a melancholic guitar. He longs for the “thrill of the wind in field of flowers,” the freedom and carefreeness he can only experience in his daydreams.

“Evergreen” is bittersweet, exploring the fallout of a relationship and the effect on the singer, comparing himself to a garden that grew out of control once his partner left. Through charming metaphors, Jong Lee lays down his fragile heart and accepts the ugly truth: his lover moved on. However, in its final moments, we can hear the chirping of a bird, perhaps a symbol of hope in this sea of heartbreak. 

Similar to “Tangled,” “Someone Else” betrays the most vulnerable thoughts and fears of the singer as he faces the possibility of his lover leaving him for someone else. It’s a mental struggle between the fear of not being enough, wanting his partner to be happy, and simultaneously begging them to stay with him. Accompanied by only a guitar, Jong Lee’s soft vocals are more heartbreaking than usual. 

The EP ends in a hopeful and somewhat sad tone. In “Strawberry Milk,” Jong Lee is doing much better as he is able to move on from his former romantic relationship, admitting that they were “never meant to be.” The happiest memories treasured inside his heart aren’t enough to change the truth, no matter how much he cared about his former lover.

This final confession, “I’m glad I grew apart from you,” is both heartbreaking and celebratory. Letting go has been a major theme of this EP, whether it is about ourselves or in regards to somebody else. Jong Lee being able to move on feels like a victory as we walked alongside him during his emotional journey. With the use of soft piano notes and strings giving a more jazzy side to the song, “Strawberry Milk” is perhaps the most beautiful track on the entire EP.

Evergreen is the open diary of Peach Luffe, most notably lead singer Jong Lee, who manages to balance vulnerability and tender optimism in a dreamy atmosphere. As previously mentioned, being able to let go is an arduous task that the EP explores beautifully first with a daydream we understand the singer would rather stay in, instead of dealing with the intricacies of life. But despite not managing to overcome all the struggles we were introduced to, Peach Luffe can proudly heal his broken heart and start to see life in a different light. Evergreen is tender, at times sad, but always impossibly soft.  

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