After listening to The Bash DogsDisco Cowboy, my final impression is that the band is a product of their southern California location, and their “surf disco” style will speak to a specific audience. The album is good at presenting the band’s mixture of styles and resulting surf disco, but after listening to Disco Cowboy, there’s something lacking.

the bash dogs disco cowboy

I think it comes down to the standardization and style repetition in the 10 songs. The Bash Dogs could have released a few EPs and all these songs would easily standalone, but by the end of the album, there’s nothing really memorable and everything blends together. The band is good at creating songs, but there’s a strange style over substance that weighs down the album as a whole.

Taking the surf rock element by itself, The Bash Dogs are definitely able to craft excellent instrumentals though the disco side of things sounds more like psychedelic-light. Disco Cowboy is also a radio and single-forward album. It could be that The Bash Dogs are better experienced live than on an album because I just get the same experience on every song and the music becomes noise in the background.

“Dogs Days” reminds me of a Portugal. The Man off-shoot. “Who’s Your Daddy?” is very reliant on the guiding instrumentals where everything sounds too synced. Generally, I like the majority of the instrumentals, but the vocals follow so closely to the song rhythm that they get lost, and the lyrics actually became distracting.

The Bash Dogs created an entire package with Disco Cowboy but the singular focus falls into repetition.

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