Laura Fireball‘s Hindsight was an enjoyably indie rock EP. With his second EP, Beginner’s Luck explores and mixes new genres together for something in between emo indie rock and soulful lo-fi music. It’s a surprising switch and succeeds in presenting a new perspective on 최준용‘s solo work.

laura fireball beginner's luck

“Preface” is a slow tempo, ambient-like indie rock track. The plodding percussion mixed with guitar moves along with filtered vocals and background vocals. It’s really just the introduction to the EP, but sets the expectations of this musical journey. “See, gaze” has a connection back to Hindsight. It presents the same indie rock tones, but the song production feels even more expansive.

Composition is mainly guitar, bass, and synth drum beats with the vocals dragging the emotion forth. There’s a melancholy tone from the start. Though a little over two and a half minutes, Laura Fireball rebuild expectations of the style of music he is creating.

“BB” is a bit more soul and R&B than indie. Laura Fireball offers a different quality in his music. It’s easy to get pulled into the melodies and while the song can have a uneven mix, there’s an addictive nature in how the vocals don’t exactly follow the tempo. “BB” feels like wandering without a final destination, but you enjoy every step.

Minimalism might be one of the main themes on Beginner’s Luck. The tracks keep to a simple structure and instrument set. The attraction on Beginner’s Luck is how it there’s a central emotional theme to the EP, but all the songs are allowed to explore and experiment. “Fable” is darker than “Basics 101” and that’s great. Beginner’s Luck and Hindsight are showing how 최준용 is able to compose a variety of songs.

Beginner’s Luck is a companion to Hindsight, not a chapter two. It makes me think that Laura Fireball has a library of songs in different styles. It might be that he’s packaging music based on emotional themes and that leads to a nice mix of tracks. Beginner’s Luck is an excellent listen for music fans overall, not just a single genre.

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