I would place Balloonfish within the indie rock genre as the main identifier, though listening through the band’s 10 song full length, you get a varied experience. Dancing in the moonlight is a precise title since songs offer some type of groove and movement in the tempo. By the end of the album, you’ll probably add some of the band’s songs to a playlist.

balloonfish dancing in the moonlight

“Wasteland” is a funk and indie rock track. If you’re familiar with Rock’N’Roll Radio, Balloonfish offer something a little similar here. It opens the door to the album and eases you into a very comfortable place. Their sound evolves on “52Hz” into a different style. It’s a mix of electronic, pop, and almost a children’s show song. The style sounds childish and innocent, something that you don’t hear that often. It helps “52Hz” stick out.

Balloonfish take a slight change again on “Flutter, Today” and by this point have settled comfortably. The band enjoys simple melodies and melodic lines that are easy to digest. I wouldn’t say the songs are simple and instead the fact that they are presented directly and simply without a lot of track additions. “Dancing in the moonlight” follows the path that “Wasteland” set up. “Dancing in the moonlight” is kind of an outlier for a single and doesn’t easily fall in place among other tracks.

It’s interesting how Balloonfish’s tracks use the indie center point and grab other styles and elements in song creation. It gives Balloonfish a lot of space to create different styles of songs that still sound like a Balloonfish track. “Kater” is the prime example here.

If I didn’t hear Dancing in the moonlight from start to finish, I would have thought some of the tracks were b-sides of other artists. They overlap some prominent signature sounds and keep their own at the same time. This is definitely a low key album that’s great for people who want an album to chill with.

Balloonfish show a lot of variety on Dancing in the moonlight. It’s a cohesive album with a lot of wandering and a great album for people like mellow indie rock and electronic pop.

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