Although Version 1.27 is Mindy’s first solo EP, it’s far from her first foray into music. Like GLOWCEAN, Mindy’s musical roots lie in classical training, and according to her Spotify bio that took place in Southern California. However, it also notes that she takes inspiration from house music clubs in Seoul, which explains the heavy synth and dance beats often found within her solo tracks. She’s also the vocalist, lyricst, and co-producer for the electronic rock band Night Dreamer, a duo of her and Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder.

mindy version 1.27

“Poolside” is the EP opener, thus making it one with a music video. However, the music video is shorter than the song itself, which has an almost three-minute run time. It opens with bright, smooth layers of synth which then drop out before reappearing at every other beat, accompanied by keyboards, drum beats, and a groovy bassline.

Mindy’s vocals are reverbed to match the spacey, futuristic atmosphere of the song, her vocal fry delightfully contrasting the sleek synth backbeat. The song perfectly suits a summer drive, with dark but warm and lively energy. Her clean and repetitive rhyme scheme in the lyrics is hypnotic, drawing the listener in immediately. 

Track two, “Am I Alive,” was the first single Mindy released earlier this year, and the longest song on the album. From its opening notes, it establishes itself as an entirely different song than “Poolside,” with gritty guitar and a persistent drumbeat. Leaning into the rocky stylings, Mindy takes the opportunity to flex her vocal skills more, the intensity of her voice suits the raw, powerful lyrics. Despite its rock roots, the instrumental swells with electronic elements, particularly at the chorus, further emboldening its sound. 

“Generations of lies after lies

I feel it coming, a numb deep inside

Deep inside.”

“Future in France” is the briefest song on the EP, and the most house-inspired. With a futuristic, synth-heavy dance beat accompanied by Mindy’s ever-changing vocal stylings – from something deep and almost sultry to semi-distorted to a mere whisper accompanied by ad-libbing. The track is never-ending energetic, and it’s impossible to keep still while listening to it with its infectious beat.

“Nervous Shudders” featuring Draag is the longest track and the closer, opening with quick, high-pitched sautillé notes from a violin, filtered as though coming from an old black-and-white horror film. A reverbed bass is quickly introduced, establishing the rhythm of the song, and it’s accompanied by sporadic vocals which have been clipped and distorted. Mindy’s vocals are mirrored by a deeper, robotic voice.

The track builds up slowly to its drop, which comes during the first line of the chorus. The beat becomes trap-like following the first chorus, before Draag comes in on the next verse, with a gently warbling voice which complements Mindy’s well – especially when she joins in on the second pre-chorus. Both of them sing almost mournfully, as the lyrics beg for a reprieve from their heavier emotions and the titular “nervous shudders.”

“Can we just talk?

Don’t want to fuck this up

Just want to be friends

Don’t need an ex-lover

Can we be friends?

Hang till night’s over

Just need a warm hand to calm nervous shudders.”

Overall, Version 1.27 may technically be a debut EP, but its level of polish and Mindy’s musical abilities speak for themselves. Although she shines in every project she’s a part of, regardless of the role she plays, her solo work is truly outstanding. I have no doubts that this is far from the last anyone will be seeing of Mindy, and I’d highly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for her future work.

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