I came across Effie through Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and found the album to match my mood for some easy listening. Neon Genesis is classified as rap and hip-hop, but I found the album is more electronic pop mixed with some R&B. It’s a quick listen at 18 minutes even with eight songs. Effie gets to the point in her songs quickly and then moves to the outro.

effie neon genesis

This means that the songs don’t have a lot of time to expand, but focus on the core of the instrumentals and her vocals without a lot of flourishes. Songs start, get to the chorus, and then move to the outro. That said, she has a lot of excellent melodies on each track. There are a lot of producers on Neon Genesis from Shunju, Odece, Nejdos, Greentop, Dayrick, and Manix; but there is a cohesive thought from track to track.

I do think Effie is adding a bit of autotune to her vocals, it sticks out on extended notes. I’m curious to know what her clean vocals sound like and if the autotune is more of an artistic decision. Since the songs are relatively short, there is some overlap from song to song. “Strangewrld” and “Run For Our Youth” blend and its “Do or Die”‘s introduction that gives it a cut from the previous tracks.

Each track can lead as a single though “Do or Die” and “After High” serves as the main singles. “Satellite” is one of my favorites because it has a groove and more variety than other songs, though I’d like to hear a wider vocal range. That might be one of the weaknesses of Neon Genesis. The vocals live within a very comfortable space and don’t show a lot of range that matches the music, but I hear some moments where she could expand more.

Effie’s Neon Genesis is a fun, short album. Each track adds to the album’s audio universe but firmly lives in a comfortable place. I think Effie has found her space where she can consistently find success, but I hope that she doesn’t decide to stay here for the foreseeable future.

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