YESEO is probably far from a new artist to writers and readers alike here at Korean Indie. From her solo work dating back to 2016 to her features on other artists’ tracks, she’s gained a following with her bold and chameleonic production and vocals. With TRY FREE!, she asks that “everyone dance to freedom” to the three tracks ahead.

yeseo try free!

“Try! – Intro” is, indeed, an interesting and warm welcome into YESEO’s newest EP. She speaks more than sings to her generation, reminding them of the power they hold – knowing or unknowing – and the world that they share. Words of encouragement are given over a mellow, futuristically glowing synth beat. The track is extremely brief, and ends with the apt lyrics, “Now, last of all / welcome to TRY FREE!”

It then seamlessly leads into “Youthful Kids,” a track I personally find better suited to bopping and driving along to on a sunny day than dancing. Similar to the intro, YESEO is speaking directly to her generation, continuing with her encouraging message.

The sound is fresh, bright, and uplifting, but there’s also deeper and more determined energy pervading the atmosphere. Although the bubbly synth-pop is what’s most noticeable immediately, the bass drop ushers in a bolder sound. YESEO utilizes reverb on her vocals and at times filters them robotically, adding to the futuristic vibe.

“We are youthful kids

And we don’t know how to get behind

See the faith in dream

Bring the revolution here on time.”

“Free Up” is definitely the track to dance to, upping the ante and bringing a fuller and heavier, albeit still lively, sound. Her lyrics even speak to this, the track opening with her claim that she’s “in the zone now.” She continues to encourage her listeners to be themselves and “free up” their minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

The persistent energy of the track definitely encourages dancing and free physical expression, and her lyrics about limitless golden opportunities certainly bring aspirations and goals to mind. Her vocal harmonizations are spot-on and lend to the song’s empowering message.

YESEO’s EP is encouraging although brief, and is a continuation of her impressive body of work. She continues to hone her skills with every release, and also continues to try out and bend new genres. If you particularly enjoyed her work on 2018’s Damn Rules, then this may also be in your wheelhouse. Regardless, I’d encourage everyone to give this EP a listen and end out the summer on a high note!

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