Listening to TRPP‘s self-titled full length is like listening to nostalgia. It has a smooth indie and alternative rock flow that reminds me of bands of 2018. TRPP thankfully doesn’t just cut and paste on each of the 12 songs and build their sound successfully. If there’s a band that could be comparable, it would be the early releases by ADOY, but TRPP might bring back memories of other bands too.

trpp trpp

Working through each song, TRPP creates a general soundscape that each instrument lives in. It’s almost like you’re placed in the center of all the audio and it’s swimming around you. The mix of the TRPP is interesting in that way because rather than linear levels, everything seems to flow across lines, and you experience everything at once. Even the vocals can sit on top or hide behind the drum lines.

It’s a very deliberate choice to mix the album like this and it could have lead to confusion with audio moving all over the place. But TRPP finds success in creating this intimate listening experience. Among the 12 tracks, I can’t say I have a huge favorite because I really like listening to the album in full. “Yeah” could have fallen into repetitive noise, but TRPP does a good job of keeping things moving. “Honey” has a low end bass pulse that opposes the vocals, but combines together to create a very engaging slow track.

It bothers me that I can’t place the bands that exist in the same audio plane as TRPP. Depending on the track, you might actually think of other bands. “MEdia” is a mix of British-style rock with an almost bedroom/garage arrangement. The programmed percussion sits higher than the somewhat muted guitars and clear vocals which is strange, but is one of the most addictive songs – at least until it ends abruptly and moves into “Liars.” Deep diving into TRPP will only blur the first-time experience and listeners should get a full and clean experience.

TRPP is a great first full length and introduces the band well. The mix of indie rock, alternative, British, and garage elements could have been a collision of sound, but TRPP’s focus on melody offers an amazing album from start to finish.

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