Sick Jeff has been prolific in 2021 releasing a lot of singles. Work less & Earn More is the latest among those releases and continues the band’s exploration of indie and pop rock. There are audible 50s rock influences that come through along with more contemporary sounds and even though the music is familiar, Sick Jeff have put their own polish to the music.

sick jeff work less & earn more

“Hey Listen” is a high-quality gem. It’s a pure melodic track that introduces the band and highlights the cohesive instrumental arrangements. This is a band, not a simple layering of instruments. Each voice comes through and handshakes the tone next to it with the vocals applying the glue to keep everything moving forward together. Even the mid-track breakdown is the band showing off rather than a single instrument.

Things change a bit with “Go-Get-It.” It transitions from a surf rock introduction to indie rock explosion. The switch is sudden but sounds completely natural. The upbeat tempo and melodies engage your ears quickly. Falling back into the surf rock never sounds weird, it speaks to the chorus perfectly. I don’t know how Sick Jeff works their magic to get all these elements to gel so well.

Slowing things down, “4’s a F-word” gives Sick Jeff a little bit more room to exist. Vocals glide over the instrumentals and the smoothness of the instrumentals never makes the song slow down. At this point, Sick Jeff presents the core of their style which is filling every verse with a melodic statement. There’s not a moment your ears aren’t filled with some complementary line from any of the instruments. Even the drums have their own statement to make without taking over the focus of the song overall.

“STELLAR by Hyundai Motors” is one of the strangest song titles, but may be the most dominant track on Work less & Earn more. It glances across garage rock with its bigger presence. The bass and drums are elevated and add weight while guitars help make statements. It’s different from the previous three tracks, but still contains the band’s signature. To end the EP, this is the perfect track.

Regardless of which release you start with, all of Sick Jeff’s music is engaging and fun. Work less & Earn more adds a bit more with four songs, but there’s isn’t a bad place to start among any of their 2021 releases. If you’ve been looking for solid rock music, Sick Jeff are here.

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