In November 2019, KIRARA released cts6 then seemingly took a break from music. 4-3 is her return after almost two years. She had been livestreaming before, but this is the first official release since that last album. The five song single contains two new songs and three remixes by ASEUL, IDIOTAPE, and KIRARA’s signature style is immediately found on the tracks and it’s announced that this is the start of her next full length.

kirara 4-3

“vc19101” is different from other tracks because the track is submitted stories to KIRARA who then created background music and narrated these stories on top of it. It’s a very different feeling from her tempo-forward tracks and almost feels melancholy within the electronic genre. The 5:35 length allows KIRARA to present multiple stories and gives an interesting start to 4-3.

“vc19111” is pure KIRARA. The sample and tonal layers in the track come through immediately. KIRARA’s use of samples in a percussive style shows clearly and she’s also playing with different tones that add a new dimension to the overall presentation. “vc19111” is still core KIRARA, but she’s evolving towards a different level. There’re are also mid-song spoken verses that take the center stage while the instrumentals simply. There is a new feeling on “vc19111” like a rebirth and previews what could be included on the new album.

Taking “vc19111” into a new direction, ASEUL changes a lot of the core. The tempo slows down and a new set of melodics is added to the song. The addition of vocals almost changes the song entirely, but if you listen closely, “vc19111” continues to show through. I like how ASEUL brings the track into her audioscape rather than make small incremental changes to really show off this remix.

The IDIOTAPE remix was kind of surprising because it’s a muted presentation of what IDIOTAPE usually delivers. The drumming keeps to the same theme as the original, but the melodic synth tones are even more attached to melodies than almost anything IDIOTAPE delivers. This “vc19111” is like a change for both KIRARA and IDIOTAPE simultaneously. There’s a strong blend between the two artists and it’s a conversation instead of replacement.’s remix is also different but similar to the original. Like ASEUL, the song’s tempo is slowed down and the core elements are brought into the audioscape that uses. Overall, “vc19111” is a calming track and the electronic filter KIRARA’s voice is put through gives it a 80s robotic delivery. The song changes from a up-tempo song to a 80s synth soundtrack.

4-3 is really a preview of what’s to come from KIRARA later this year. The three remixes show the versatility of her song ideas and how they can be used by other artists. This is the start of singles that will release before the full length and will also feature more remixes by other Korean electronic artists. It’s might be a longer project until the full length, but I’m glad KIRARA is returning with a new set of tracks.

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