Pictoria Vark‘s self-titled EP and 2020 single, “Good For,” seemed to be a slow and deliberate build in her journey. Yesterday, she released a new single, “I Can’t Bike,” and announced that she signed to Get Better Records.

She already created the foundation of her indie rock style and now with “I Can’t Bike,” it sounds like she’s started a brand new chapter in her music. “I Can’t Bike” brings forward her melodic prowess of the self-titled EP, the precise arrangements of “Good For,” and a wider vision together.

The single isn’t an outlier compared to her previous releases and instead shows her growth and tremendous potential. In the end, everything feels more comfortable and that grabs your attention faster. It also hints thatany n music is going to be amazing and could surpass the expectations that “I Can’t Bike” has set.

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