Earlier this year during a Twitter thread between St. Lenox, Pictoria Vark, and me, the idea for a livestream chat appeared. After finalizing schedules, we’re all proud to announce on October 26, 2021 at 8 PM EST/ 5 PM PST:

Music Feelings Livestream: A Chat with Pictoria Vark and St. Lenox

The livestream will be available on YouTube. The three of us will be giving perspectives on music, being “Korean,” life as an independent artist, and our most controversial takes on Midwestern versus Coastal Asians.

Pictoria Vark released her new single “I Can’t Bike,” recently completed a tour with Squirrel Flower, and signed to Get Better Records.

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St, Lenox’s Ten Songs of Worship and Praise for our Tumultuous Times is one of the best records in 2021. The set of music videos that were made for the album are excellent too.

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Join us on October 26 for an insightful and unique discussion (or it could dissolve into something else entirely).

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